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“The Borrowers meets ICO, with a twist of Ghibli wholesomeness

A student project in which the brief was to create a 3D platformer, I took inspiration from The Borrowers along with The Secret World of Arrietty to craft Demi. My intention was to create a playable prototype for an early level of what would be a much more complete game, and it is my hope that I will one day be able to do so with the support of others.

A 3D patformer, puzzle, and action-adventure game in which the player controls a 4-inch tall girl named Demi. Set in a modern home, Demi must traverse the various rooms using her trusty Pogo Spear in order to collect what she needs to survive. The prizes of her dangerous expeditions could be a sugar cube, a nut, a roll of tape, a paperclip, or any other item she can carry home and make use of. Can you guide her through the level safely, collecting all that she needs on the way?


Movement - WASD/Arrows

Jump - Space

Pogo Jump - C

Interact - X

Pause - ESC


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I'm glad you liked it! Although I'm slightly horrified at the bug you discovered at the end there with the notebook, it was supposed to be flicking through the pages (as you may have guessed) to show credits! That bug somehow made it through several rounds of QA testing without being detected, and even now I can't recreate it ^^ If you happen to give it another go, see if you can find the wax and soap :)

no problem... i have good idea this game